Greeting of the Chairman of Board

Motoyoshi Doi

Thank you for your access to our homepage.

NPO Koushikai was established in May 6, 2004.
Dr. Katayama thought when we could keep the situation of the recovery without the recurrence if we made an effort with a patient in doctor-patient community.
If there is that we completely remove the bad custom of the etiology from life if we take it seriously, as a result of joint effort of patients and the doctors, we can realize true medical care.
Our first purpose was to succeed to his thought, achievements and will in afterworld.

And, our purpose is the planning the enlightenment activity in wide fields such as the business aiming at restoration, maintenance, increasing of health of the patients, and the improvement of the technical standards of the dentist, too .

Therefore, we held the forum to title it saying "Reconsider focal infection" in commemoration of the translation publication of " Root Canal Cover-Up (George E. Meinig)" in 2008. Triggered by it, we were holdig lectures to feature the theme of "oral cavity and a whole body" afterwards.

On this occasion, "Koushikai" proposed the foundation of "Oral medicine".
A change of education of medicine・dentistry, medical system including the legislation and the medical insurance system will be necessary for the Oral medicine establishment in the new viewpoint.

It is not yet decided about the oral medical definition, but I think about the definition as follows.
We grasp subdivided current medical domains such as dentistry, internal medicine, dermatology, the otolaryngology in a gross scientifically,
And we study the relations with rhinopharynx, oral cavity and the whole body and are going to methodize it.

For the establishing the oral medicine in the new viewpoint a change of education system of medical medicine and dentistry, the medical insurance system at the opening of the legislation will be necessary .

I think that the long-standing activity of doctors and the dentists and the associated organizations in conjunction with sharing the will be demanded.

On the other hand, in late years I hear a lot a voice that people doing mouth respiration increase including an adult as well as an elementary school child.
It is in not only the narrowness of the nasal cavity from non-equality of the growth of the top and bottom jawbone, disorder of the dentition, the disorder of the occlusion but also the warning that cause the all sorts of disease.

We held the lecture that featured the theme of "mouth respiration and nose breathing" to suggest a key to problem submission and solution about factors to cause this mouth respiration and the symptoms that mouth respiration gave.

In addition, we performed the translation publication of books to strongly appeal for the influence that an intraoral disease gave to the whole body

  1. "Root Canal Cover-Up" George E. Meinig, DDS, FACD
  2. "Whole body dentistry" Mark A. Blaner DDS

Furthermore, in 2005, we conclude a sisterhood with Price Pottenger Nutrition Foundation ®(PPNF) originally known as Weston A. Price memory foundation and follow to date.
As well as a dentistry domain, we will offer various themes to contribute to the health of the whole body with dental treatment in future.

Action program


This corporation is intended to perform the next matter according to will and teaching of Tsuneo Katayama.
In wide fields such as the preventive health care, and the medical care without revival and recurrence, and the medical care to plan the recovery and maintenance and increase of the health of the patient, we work on the education spread and research.
We promote an interchange of the arts and sciences, health education and the research by international collaboration.
Furthermore,we perform the advice of disease prevention and the healthy increase or support, cooperation among a citizen, medical personnel, a group.
We promote food education, sanitary spread, uplift of the technical standards of the person of medical care, improvement of the medical quality, upbringing of the next-generation talented person.
And we contribute to an increase of the public interest such as health, medical care or the welfare.


Koushikai performs the specific nonprofit activity of the kind to advocate next to achieve the purpose of the preceding article.

  1. Activity to plan an increase of health, medical care or the welfare
  2. Activity of the international collaboration

Kind of the business

Koushikai performs the next works to achieve a purpose.

  1. Education-related business for citizen, dentist, dental student and medical personnel
  2. Technical spread works for young dentist and medical personnel
  3. Research, translation works
  4. Information dispatch works
  5. Cooperation works with the other citizen group and the public organization
  6. Editing and issue of document works
  7. Advice about the overall dentistry, food education, enlightenment or cooperation support project
  8. Foreign countries support and international collaboration works about the overall dentistry
  9. Publishing
  10. Article sale business
  11. The other works necessary to be accomplished for the purpose of the corporation


NPO Koushikai
〒 561-0884 3-1-20, Okamachikita, Toyonaka-shi
TEL: 06-6852-0224
FAX: 06-6852-0446

List of the board

Chairman of boardMotoyoshi DoiMuromachi Dental Clinic
Vice chairmanHakushin SuzukiProfessor emeritus, Momoyama Univ.
Vice chairmanHiroaki KureProfessor emeritus, Seika univ. dept. of literature
Managing directorJun OkiOki Dental Clinic
Managing directorGoro FujimakiPastoral Dental Clinic
Managing directorMamoru OgataRisunomori Dental Clinic
Managing directorTokiko YamaguchiMarigold Clinic
Managing directorShouichiro SekiSeki Dental Clinic
DirectorHiromi HiraiNPO Koushikai
DirectorMiyabi Fukuokaaux Dental Clinic
DirectorShintaro SekiSeki Dental Clinic
DirectorYutaka YokotaTokota Dental Clinic
DirectorYasuhumi NokitaNokita Dental Clinic
DirectorYuto OsawaOsawa Dental Clinic
DirectorYasuhiro NiinumaNiinuma Dental Clinic
DirectorYutaka MatsudaMatsuda Dental Office
AuditorSadako MasudaSadako Masuda tax accountant office
AuditorNoriko Nakaura

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