What is Koushikai?

Organization of Dentists and People Concerned in Health and Dental Care

It was around the same time when both Sweden and Japan established dental colleges under rising need for dental care. However, in recent years, Sweden has become the leader in dental prophylaxis while Japan has lagged behind.
For example, Sweden has already accomplished "the 8020 campaign (mainting 20 teeth after 80 years old)" while Japan has not yet accomplished.
However, is the prevention of a cavity and periodontal disease the ultimate goal?
Japan faces the challenge of declining birthrate and ageing society ahead of many other nations in the world. In such a time in its history, what does its people have to do to enjoy a fulfilling and healthy life?
Dr. Tsuneo Katayama, dentist by trade, spent his lifetime investigating the causes of odontopathy, discovered methods of treatment, prevention and work to educate the younger generations.
We are an organization of dentists and the people concerned in health and dental care, striving to achieve individual health through Dr. Katayama’s teachings.
Along with publishing Dr. Katayama’s research papers, we will provide information and resources for the public to achieve optimal oral health.

We hope that circle of health will join hand in hand.

From Dentistry to Oral Medicine
Koushikai advocates the formation of oral medicine.
Although the term “oral medicine” has not yet been clearly defined, our vision is incorporation of various medical disciplines including dentistry, internal medicine, dermatology, and otolaryngology, holistic ally applying towards the study of oral health and the health of the entire human body.

To establish this novel approach of thinking about our health, many changes including health care law, the insurance system, medical and dental education and the medical system in its entirety will be necessary.
To achieve this goal, a long-term collaborative cooperative effort between doctors, dentists and other related organizations would be necessary.

from "Greeting of the Chairman of Board"

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